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FSP produces, selects and offers wines from most wine-producing regions of France.



From the heart of Rhône Valley

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, Domaines & Châteaux de Sade has the right wine for you. From full-bodied reds from the South of Rhône Valley, to light & refreshing whites, we’ve been offering a wide range that will suit every taste! We have created a tailor-made elegant wine range from the Rhône Valley, part coming from our own vineyards, and part from some wine-growers integrated-partners that we have selected and contracted for their ancestral know-how, quality and reliability. A refine selection from the Rhône Valley, from the septentrionale (Northern) part like Crozes-Hermitage, to the most South area in Luberon. All those wines are produced under our oenologist and family supervision.
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French Wines




Rhône Valley - Qualitative Estate Selection

We work with wine growers that we selected for their ability and know-how, transmited since generations.
We follow the wine making process with each producer, and control all steps to get the best of each terroir.
Our Châteaux wines are bottled by FSP with our own quality standards and under our control.




Selection of the best terroirs

Selection of high quality appellations from Languedoc Roussillon from the most famous terroir. Close cooperation with wine-growers partners to get the best grape and produce high level wines.
This wine range provides a very beautiful picture of the best appellations from the Languedoc vast wine producing-region. Small estate and family-owned vineyards, each one with its singularity and originality, with some common grapes (syrah, Grenache and sometime a little bit of carignan) but growing on very different terroirs and climate, and also with personalized ageing with or without oak barrel. A selection designed and bottled by FSP.



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From the heart of Languedoc

Our wine mades out of the most beautiful terroir of Languedoc, where the vineyards are carefully maintained for generations by our family, with the utmost respect of nature, using non-polluting products. All the vineyard is exploited using sustainable agriculture standards since years. The rabbit, emblematic of our field, is omnipresent in our vineyards and we strive to preserve each species of fauna and flora. The sunlight exposure rate is around 2500 hours and the Mediterranean climate brings to our wine a beautiful concentration. The mistral eliminates the excess moisture in the vineyard, while preserving the vines from cryptogamic diseases and rids of parasitic insects. Our unique grapes variety which are rarely found in the region, makes it a distinctive and special wine range. This wine is representative of our terroir and will be a great discovery for wine connoisseurs as much as for wine lovers.
It will bring you a simple, natural and sincere pleasure.
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Bordeaux & South West Châteaux Selection

Selection of high quality appellations from South West of France (Bordeaux, Bergerac, Gaillac, Fronton) from the most prestigious terroir. Close cooperation with wine-growers partners to get the best grape and produce high level wines. This wine range provides a very nice picture of the best appellations from the South West of France wide wine producing-region. Small estate and family-owned vineyards, each one with its singularity and originality, with some common grapes (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec) but also some very distinctive (duras, braucol, négrette, mauzac) growing on very different terroirs and climate, and also with personalized ageing with or without oak barrel. A selection designed and bottled by FSP.





Divine Justine

The Loire Valley region is located in the West of France along the banks of the Loire river. Loire, France's longest river, meanders through a valley of over 1,000 km from the mountainous area around Ardéche to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. The first time the river meets vineyards is in Sancerre, located right in the middle of France. For the next 800 km, Loire runs through a landscape of 75,000 hectares of vineyards, 87 different AOC appellations and more than 4,000 vineyards. The Loire Valley has played a vital role in French wine history for centuries, and one of the region's trump cards is diversity. The Loire valley region is known for producing all sorts of wines in the three colors (white, red, rosé), dry or sweet, sparkling or not.
FSP is implanted in the Loire Valley (Touraine) where Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc and Cabernet franc are the most typical grape varieties. Our main focus is on Anjou, Bourgueil (Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil), Chinon, Saumur (Saumur Champigny), but also Coteaux du Layon, Sancerre and Crémant de Loire (Saumur méthode traditionnelle).




Marquis de Sade

It would be in 1325 that the ancestor of the marquis, Hugues de Sade, married Laure de Noves. She gave birth to eleven children and died in 1348. The origins of the family is Avignon and the region of Provence. After the French Revolution, the family migrated to the Champagne region and sett- led in the château of Condé (in Condé-en-Brie, in the Champagne region). The family stayed there until 1982. Then settled in the Loire Valley until now. The range is composed of Champagne Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Premiers Crus, Grands Crus and Champagne millésimé, coming from different part of Champagne (Montagne de Reims, Côte des Blanc, Côte des Bar...). We like to have a long ageing for our champagne of at least 4-5 years. Champagne from the South (Côte des Bar) with 80% pinot noir and 20% chardonnay. Long ageing on lies for 4 to 5 years and no oak. Tasting notes: floral note, rose petal, mirabel, peach, crystallized citrus fruit, limetree and cinnamon. Structured in the mooth, refreshing and well-balanced, with fruity notes and good acidity. Can match well with sea food, oysters, some fish, duck with sweat sauce, and dessert or apetizer





DMOG & Other brands

DMOG is produced in a Domaine located in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits (up to the famous village of Vosne Romanée), where the vinification and ageing is carried out by our partner & wine-maker Manuel Olivier Gard. The estate produces 24 different wines, half coming from its own 25 hectars of vinyeards, and the other half coming from vineyards rented and controled by the wine-maker and the estate’s team. DMOG applies a sustainable production and wine-making process (following Biodynamic ideal), using beef and horses to work on the vineyards and the lunar cycle for all wine-making process. The Appellations produced are mainly from the Côtes de Nuits, Côtes de Beaune and Crémant de Bourgogne, all vineyards are directly maintained by the team of the Domaine from the pruning until the harvest. The most iconic wines produced are Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru, Vosne Romanée « Les Damaudes » Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru and Meursault Premier Cru « Les Charmes ». The DMOG brand and wines are designed by FSP in joint venture with the Domaine. All the wines have strong recognition and international awards every vintage.
Furthermore, FSP also produces other Burgundy appellations (aligoté, chardonnay, pinot noir, Coteaux Bourguignons) from different wine-growers and which grape originate from some small family estates.




With a very long history of wine-production, a diversity of terroirs and landscape, an adapted climate for the culture of vines, and excellent wine-growers and a great young generation of top wine-makers, Spain has one of the best quality-price ratio for wines in Europe. FSP is purchasing grape and bulk wine in Spain since years. With our long experience and large network in Spain, we produce our own brands, in partnership with some wine-growers, vinificating, ageing and blending ourself directly in Spain. As a result, we offer a full range of wines, with some premium mono varietal selection,  concentrated, with long ageing. We also select some DO from several regions of Spain such as Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Jumilla, Yecla, Ribera del Guadiana, Ribeiro, Calatayud, Emporda, Priorat, Penedes and more.

La Vache Espagnole - Vino de Mesa White / Red / Rosé, fruity, pleasant and well balanced.
Naughty, Diva & Cool Rabbit is a fun and young selection of Vino de Mesa mono varietal and 15% from the South of Spain. Made with a high concentration and long ageing in oak, this is a premium and full bodied wine range.

FSP also offers other packaging in tetra pack and BIB (bag in box).

Spanish Wines
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Italian Wines
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FSP CHILE Titre.jpg


The Chile project

In 2022, FSP CHILE was created as a new winery, located in Cúrico, subsidiary of FSP Group, that focuses on the production (wine-making, ageing and bottling) of wine from Chile, with our own team locally.

Cúrico is the largest wine region of Chile producing more than half of the total quantity of wines of the country. This is a strategic location that provides us a direct access to all the vineyards and to the bulk market for our development.

FSP uses 2 bottling lines for its production: one for standard packaging and quick bottling (10,000 bt / hour), the other one for heavy bottles with a capacity of 3000 bt / hour.

Chilean wines
FSP CHILE Pres 1.jpg

The Chile project in numbers

- Winery in Curicó (FSP Chile SpA)

- 8 million liters of storage capacity in Stainless steel VATs

- Production capacity of 12 million liters per year

- Ageing and bottling of wine on site (chips / stave / block / oak barrels)

- FSP own Oenologist on site, with dedicated French quality control and expertise

- Existing brands & Private label

FSP CHILE Pres 3.jpg

Chile, a land of freedom

As “flying-wine-maker”, FSP team is always looking for the best terroir and new opportunities worldwide. We have always been attracted by South America’s freedom in terms of wine-production and regulations, and we like the style of wines that are produced there by the most popular wineries. Also, the climate, the maritime and Andes mountain influence on the vineyards provide a great complexity to the wines. Last, the country provides stability and good conditions for investors. Today FSP has its own oenologist on site following all the process of production, from the vinification to the final steps of bottling and packing.

FSP Onologist in Chile

Paula Bottero profile

In 1996, Paula joined the winemaking team at Viña Undurraga, a Chilean winery located in Maipo Valley. There, she worked on all wines from entry level to premium wines, such as Altazor icon wine. For 10 years the winery crushed an average of 15 million kilograms of grapes each harvest.

From 1999 to 2005, Paula went to the California, United States; where she learned about different winemaking techniques. After 10 years at Undurraga winery, she took on a new challenge and joined Los Robles winery as Chief winemaker and Agricultural Director, in the Curico Valley. She traveled quite often to England and was able to understand what type of wine local buyers and consumers expected from Chile at different price points. At that time, the UK was the most important market for the winery, as it was Fair Trade certified. 

Moreover, Los Robles winery was the most important Fair-Trade winery from Chile in the UK. Thus in 2007, Paula was recognized as one of the 7 most influential winemakers in the English market. Soon after in 2008, she joined Chilean Vineyard. A winery formed by Swiss investors and a winery from South Africa, also located in the Curico Valley, Chile. For 6 years, Paula developed this winery and sales went from 500,000 liters to exporting 3,000,000 liters mainly to the UK and China. Since 2015, Paula has been the Chief winemaker at Los Nogales vineyard, a winery from Curico Valley which is fully dedicated to developing the business of wine services to different customers. Such services consider from harvesting the grapes to making wines and preparing purchase orders to be exported. In 2022, Paula joined FSP CHILE’s project to develop its own wines, given the fact of the experience that Paula brings to this project, its infrastructure and the access to growing or buying top quality grapes for each wine range.

FSP CHILE Pres 4 Paula.jpg
Chile Oenologist
Le Sixième Elément - Winery Aerial View -Ningxia.jpeg


Ningxia - Helan Mountain - China - Since 2020

Having travelled, observing, tasting and studying wine for many years, our choice logically turned to the Ningxia region as it is the best wine producing region in China. The Helan mountain stretches for 200 km from North to South and is a natural barrier that protects the vineyards from cold winds. The Yellow River runs almost 400km long through Ningxia and provides life to this desert insuring the minimum water supply to the vine through controlled irrigation. One of the unique feature of the Ningxia wine-producing region is the necessity to bury the vines during winter to protect it from the heavy frost from November until March. Due to the climate, we can have recourse to a "clean" culture with reasoned and sustainable viticulture, in order to reveal the complexity of its terroir and the possible diversity of grape varieties which evolve in a remarkable way, at the foot of the Helan mountain. « Le Sixième Élément » is born, from the Helan mountain in Ningxia region, located on the center-west part of China. The terroir and climate there reminds a lot “Mendoza” in Argentina. Le Sixième Élément is the fusion of a French and Chinese collaboration and know-how from FSP and a local wine-grower, using international grapes that evolve well on this region, such as chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and marselan.

Chinese Wines


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