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Family Owned Estate - Wine & Spirit Merchant


FSP Origins & History

FSP (“French Spirit Production”) is a French company created in 2012 and part of French Spirit Group, that focuses on the production, wine-making, ageing, bottling and distribution of wine and spirits. Family business, FSP founder’s ancestor history started as a local producer of wine from Rhône Valley in the 1740’s. The roots of the family go back to the XIII’s century in Rhône, and XVII’s century for the Burgundy & Franche-Comté side. The main focus was on Rhône Valley wines, but the family eventually launched a wine-merchant activity with Champagne in the 1950’s, and then started to develop a portfolio of wines with qualitative partners from Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and Languedoc. A distribution office was established in Paris in the 1990’s to support the ontrade sales. The export grown quickly in the 2000’s, and in 2008 French Spirit Group settled a branch office in China that became the Asian headquarter (today in Shanghai). In 2012 FSP was created by Mr Amaury de Sinçay and Mr Lucas Botebol (co-founder), to answer to the increasing demand for the Asian market, and the fast developpement of the bottling activity. FSP had a focus on the bottling & wine-merchant activity especially for the export to Asia, as a complementary offer from its own wines of Rhône Valley. The elaboration of a spirit range took place from 2015 with French brandy, Cognac and then later with Whisky (from Scotland, France & Japan) and other spirits. In 2020 FSP launched a production of Chinese wine from the Ningxia region, in cooperation with a local wine-grower and under FSP's Shanghai office supervision. Today, the group continues its quick development and exports in more than 40 countries (Africa, North & South America, all over Asia and Europe). French Spirit Group and FSP have reached a production of around 20 million bottles worldwide, with several wineries partners in France, Spain, Italy and China, and with some strategic partnerships with wine-growers and distilleries, where FSP sources grapes and raw materials to elaborate its wine and spirit range.